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You should never feel alone on your path towards improving mental health - Our AI Companion is here to help.


Our Mission

We know that your journey towards a healthy mental state is incredibly long, hard and complex. We believe that successful outcomes often require human to human clinical therapy - but what about the days, weeks, or even months between therapy sessions? What if therapy is completely out of reach? You still have to deal with all that life throws your way and believe us, we know how overwhelming that can be. You should never feel you have to do it alone.

At Confidante our mission is to provide mental health support to anyone, at any time, using AI technology to help people live healthier lives. We are working on a first-in-class conversational AI Companion to supplement traditional therapy, or to provide talk-based support to anyone who may feel like they need an additional confidante to lean on.

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For Clients

Recognizing that you need support is an amazing milestone on your journey towards improved mental health. But with consistent therapy out of reach for many of us, feeling unsupported either before or between therapy sessions can make the entire process feel fruitless.

Our goal is to provide client's with personal mental health support via an AI enabled conversational confidante. No one should ever feel alone, ever.


For Providers

Mental health practitioners are invaluable to successful patient outcomes, but can only be as effective in their treatment as the information gathered during clinical sessions. What if providers had insight into a client's mental wellbeing even between sessions? 

By providing this information back to clinicians in a concise and digestible way, we aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment for everyone.


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