What is Empathetic Conversational AI?

Positive health outcomes starts with building a sense of trust & connection, something lacking in traditional ‘transactional’ chatbots. To offer the next generation of chat-based conversational AI, we developed our proprietary ‘empathy engine’ in partnership with clinicians to create a sense of human-like understanding and connection with your users through use of multiple proven communication techniques. 


Meant to supplement your existing human practitioners, we offer on demand chat-based support to anyone who may feel like they need an additional confidante to lean on.

A meaningful way to keep your users coming back, without overstraining your workforce

The growing imbalance between skyrocketing demand for support and a finite human practitioner supply has reached a breaking point. Telehealth providers need to find new and meaningful ways to meet patient needs at scale, without overstraining their human workforce.


At Confidante, we help telehealth organizations keep users engaged on their platform through truly empathetic conversational AI when a human touchpoint is inaccessible.


Confidante’s empathetic AI Companion can help your telehealth organization:


Manage the cost of scaling human provider capacity in order to meet changing user demands


Better engage and retain your users through interactive, dynamic and empathetic delivery of your content or exercises


Navigating people to the right level of care or resource without additional overhead


Our conversational AI seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow as either:


Empathetic chat-based delivery of your specific objective, such as resource navigation, content delivery, onboarding, and much more


An empathetic listener to validate users’ specific stressor while gathering information you prioritize to be provided back to a human practitioner


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